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All motor vehicles registered in Pennsylvania need a PA State Inspection once a year. Most commercial and passenger carrying vehicles are inspected on a semi-annual basis. The reason for vehicle inspection is simple. SAFETY!

A thorough state inspection will identify safety issues before they become serious problems. Things like brakes at or below minimum sp, lights that don’t illuminate, tires on the wear bars, exhaust leaks, and worn or broken suspension, like rust issues on frame rails or holes in the floor rail. Some other issues are defrost fan, as well as a myriad of other less critical components, but you get the drift. Any auto repair facility worth their salt will also perform a courtesy check for many more items on the car and inform their customer of any upcoming repairs. Many of the items checked for state inspection are “out of sight, out of mind.” Most people don’t check the tread depth or condition of their tires, and can’t check brake specs or suspension pieces.

Studies across the country have shown state inspections actually reduce repair costs by identifying and repairing small problems before they turn into larger more expensive repairs. Most of our customers like their car inspected at least once a year to give them piece of mind that they are driving a safe vehicle and reduce the chances of being stranded with a breakdown. Plus the courtesy checks allows the opportunity to budget for future repairs or maintenance.

Please remember, crisis maintenance is always more expensive than preventative maintenance.