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Why are snow tires any better than all season tires?

For the absolute best traction and safety in winter driving conditions there is no substitute for a good quality snow tire.
Through years of testing on all kinds of vehicles by the tire manufacturer's, statistics say there  is an average of 30% more snow traction with a snow tire than and all season. “That is a ton” of extra traction.
Is it a little less convenient to have a set of all season tires for your summer drives and a set of winter tires also? Maybe. Is the extra traction, safety and convenience in your driving worth it? Absolutely yes!
People scream for more safety features in their vehicles. More airbags, better restraint systems and yet too many people settle for the less than safest tire possible for the worst kind of driving conditions. Why is that? It will cost more. It really isn’t convenient!
How convenient is it to be pulled back up on the road or off of a guard rail? How convenient is it to have your vehicle in the body shop of a few weeks?
I don’t know about you but I want my family and me to have the safest possible vehicle that they can drive and it all starts with good tires. Because that is the only thing between you and the road. Make the right decision for your family's safety.