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Emissions data

Diagnostics and Repair

We diagnose & repair charging systems in addition to driveline problems affecting your vehicle. Auto Camp utilizes state of the art computer diagnostics to hone in on the problem at hand. Pinpointing your car’s problems with expert diagnostics is essential to getting your car back on the road in a timely manner.

Oil level display in a car

From Diagnosis to a Finished Job

Auto Repair means different things to different people. When we say Auto Repair, we mean from the initial diagnosis to returning the keys to our customer when the job is finished. After we have a complete diagnosis, then we discuss the range of repair and full costs to you before any work is done on your car. Come experience the difference that our staff can make in your car or light truck repair. We understand it is inconvenient to give up your vehicle for an extended period of time. Our goal is to return the repaired vehicle to you the same day it was dropped off.

Professional Mechanics and Technicians

Our professional mechanics and technicians are great with diagnostics. We will give you a correct diagnosis and give you a price before any repairs are started.