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Free Brake Inspections

Are your brakes not stopping your car well? Are they making weird noises? Bring your car to AutoCamp! We offer FREE BRAKE INSPECTIONS. We will measure the brake pads and rotors at each wheel, check to make sure the calipers and/or wheel cylinders work properly, inspect for any brake fluid leaks, test the moisture content of the brake fluid, and test your parking brake operation.

Image of a brakes

What Does Brake Repair Look Like?

The customer’s vehicle in this picture had a bad grinding sound coming from one wheel. The brake pad had worn away until the pistons in this caliper were grinding into the rotor. We were able to replace this caliper, as well as the pads and rotors, and flushed out the boiled brake fluid to all 4 wheels so that the customer could stop safely again!

Image of brakes

Rotor Replacement

Do I need to replace rotors? When replacing brake pads you want to carefully inspect the condition of the brake rotors as well. Have the backing plates on the brake pads rubbed the rotors? Are there any ridges or scoring on the rotor? How about heavy glazing? New brake pads have a nice flat surface on them. Those new pads want to be mated with a nice fresh flat surface. Not only will the brake pads last longer with new rotors but you almost eliminate the possibility of squeaks and noise coming from the brakes. Many new cars today, especially European Vehicles don’t give you any extra meat to turn or resurface the rotors. You also want to check the thickness of the rotor to be sure it will last the life of the pads and pass Pa State Inspection. Also with the price of rotors today being so much less than 10- 15 years ago…sometimes it just makes sense to replace rotors. However, you are the judge to determine if new rotors make sense when you do brakes.