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Do I really need to flush my brake fluid?

European and Asian car manufactures have been recommending brake fluid flushes for decades. They realized the value of flushing brake fluid on a regular basis.

US auto manufacturers have been coming on board over the last number of years because they also realize that brake fluid needs to be replaced periodically.

Brake fluid is called hygroscopic. That means it absorbs moisture. Even though braking systems are essentially closed systems, they still absorb water.

Water being heavier than brake fluid, that moisture goes to the lowest point of the system. That of course is the brake calipers and wheel cylinders. These components are made of steel. What happens when water gets on metal? It rusts! Those little pistons in the brake components don’t like to slide over rust so they will seize in the brake. When this happens, those parts should be replaced.

So, the answer is yes, brake fluid should be flushed periodically to help prevent expensive brake repairs.