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“Good morning, Thank you for calling AutoCamp.”

Customer: “What’s the cheapest price for at 205/60R16?”

Does the customer really mean the “cheapest tire” or “a better value” choice?

Many times the customer only knows cheapest tire. Tires are black, usually round, that’s about it, right? Not really! Tires sometimes are a compromise. More performance and handling = less mileage, better wet weather traction, give up a little mileage. More fuel efficient, possibly for a hybrid, less wet and snow traction.

At AutoCamp we ask questions about our potential customers driving habits.
Is most of your driving around town or highway driving?
Is better handling for your performance car what you are looking for?
Smooth luxury ride?
Better wet and foul weather traction?
Are you keeping the car for a long time?

Many things to consider in a tire purchase. We want our customers and guests to be happy with their decision, because they will live with that decision for anywhere from 30 to 80 thousand miles. From the least expensive to a really good quality tire, there may only be $15 to $20 difference per tire. If you can double the mileage and get better wet weather traction, which translates to a safer vehicle, it only makes good sense to spend a few extra dollars up front to recap huge benefits on the back end. The better tire is much more cost efficient to operate over the life of the tire. Instead of putting two sets of the lesser tire, one good set will do the job.

Consider all of the possibilities when purchasing new tires. I think you will be much more satisfied with the safety and reliability of your new tire purchase.