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European and Asian car manufactures have been recommending brake fluid flushes for decades. They realized the value of flushing brake fluid on a regular basis.

US auto manufacturers have been coming on board over the last number of years because they also realize that brake fluid needs to be replaced periodically.

Over the last number of years there has been so many improvements in motor oil and the additive packages that are designed to protect your engine.

The quick oil change stations that used to tout oil changes every 3,000 miles have had to adjust their marketing. Most vehicle manufactures are beginning oil change intervals at 5,000 miles. Car makes like General Motors, Lexus, BMW, VW, Jaguar, Mini and many others are exceeding oil replacement services to 10, 12 and 15,000 miles.

There are opinions all over the map on this one. Some say allowing the car to idle too long washes the cylinders down with the gas, causing excessive wear and it wastes gas.

For the absolute best traction and safety in winter driving conditions there is no substitute for a good quality snow tire.
Through years of testing on all kinds of vehicles by the tire manufacturer's, statistics say there  is an average of 30% more snow traction with a snow tire than and all season. “That is a ton” of extra traction.


All motor vehicles registered in Pennsylvania need a PA State Inspection once a year. Most commercial and passenger carrying vehicles are inspected on a semi-annual basis. The reason for vehicle inspection is simple. SAFETY!

“Good morning, Thank you for calling AutoCamp.”

Customer: “What’s the cheapest price for at 205/60R16?”

Does the customer really mean the “cheapest tire” or “a better value” choice?

Short of getting ackerman angles, center of gravity, roll centers and twenty or so other terms most people don’t want or need to understand. Here is alignment in a nutshell. Simply stated there are really only 3 angles that control an alignment on cars and trucks.