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Steve Hammond


Hello, Steve Hammond here,

AUTOCAMP Tire and Auto Service has been a locally owned, family-operated business for over 36 years. People often ask me what kind of business is “AUTOCAMP”?

We are in the relationship business! Yes, we repair, service, and maintain cars and light trucks, but we also build lasting relationships with our customers. We aren’t interested in running a one-and-done, “fleece you as much as we can and never see you again,” business.

We maintain mutual respect with our customers, and we enjoy doing business with them. As I always say, we have the best customers in the world, and they prove it every day.

81% of our customers are repeat or referral. The other 19% come to us as walk-ins or phone customers. That says a lot about the consciousness and dedication of our staff and technicians. Respect and trust are a two-way street over our sales counter.

Steve Hammond

We’ll Keep You on the Road

From privately-owned to commercial and fleet vehicles, we provide you with the knowledge and expertise to keep your vehicles on the road for years to come.

With almost all brands of tires available to us at every price point, we quite literally have something for everyone. We ask questions about your driving, your needs, and your expectations from your vehicle.

Is wet and foul-weather traction the most important? How about a smooth and quiet ride? Are your children driving this vehicle? More highway or town driving? Are you keeping the car or truck for a few years, or is this a short-term project?

We don’t just want to sell you tires. We prefer you invest in tires that best suit your driving needs. We all know tires are not inexpensive. So we want you to be happy with your purchase. Above all, we don’t want you riding around on tires you aren’t happy with, especially for 50 or 60 thousand miles.

We have kept you and your car safe for over 36 years.

Stop by and find out how we can continue serving you!

Senior age happy couple with a brown dog

Steve and Carla Hammond

Steve was a road racer for 21 years with 4 championships and 4 track records. Steve believes communication and great service is what separates AUTOCAMP from the competition. Carla and Steve have been married since 1976. Carla is Steve’s better half. She takes care of all the important stuff at AUTOCAMP. She also takes care of stray cats and has taken 55 stray cats in to get spayed or neutered.